Inter-agency Cybersecurity Coordinating Committee (I3C)

Hello everyone and welcome to the new (I3C) CMMC Blog! The goal of the blog is to provide companies with information about the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification standard and the ecosystem being created to support the new standard.

Before we get into the details of CMMC, it is important to understand why we are trying to help North Carolina companies with CMMC compliance. Back in 2019 we started hearing rumblings about a new cybersecurity standard being developed by the Department of Defense – CMMC. As the standard was being developed, draft versions were made public to get comments from DoD contractors and other stakeholders. As we reviewed the new standard in its draft forms, we began to understand the huge impact it was going to have on the North Carolina DoD supply chain.  We began to think of ways to mitigate the complexity and cost of implementing the standard, and provide a reliable source for CMMC information. In addition, we wanted to make sure NC companies were positioned to not only remain in the DoD supply chain, but enter the DoD market as well.

Since an initiative of this size requires coordination with multiple organizations, we created the Inter-agency Cybersecurity Coordinating Committee, which is made up of representative from the NC Military Business Center, DEFTECH, NC State University – Industry Expansion Solutions and MEP, North Carolina A&T, Montreat College, Fayetteville Tech Community College, Forsyth Tech Community College, the Procurement Technical Assistance Center, NC VetBiz, the Defense Alliance of NC (DANC), NC Tech Association, the Small Business Center Network and the UNC System Federal Relations organization.

The primary objective of the I3C is to develop a state-wide strategy to assist companies in the NC DoD supply chain achieve compliance to CMMC. The initial focus will be on assisting with CMMC Level 1 compliance. Toward that end we created a website that houses CMMC training and resources:

See you next time!


Laura Rodgers

NC Military Business Center and I3C