If you are, or plan to be in the Department of Defense supply chain, you must comply with cybersecurity regulations. To help North Carolina defense contractors understand and implement cybersecurity regulations, multiple State entities and organizations that support the defense industry have established the NC Interagency Cybersecurity Coordinating Committee (I3C). The goals of the committee are to provide defense contractors with 1) up to date and accurate information about cybersecurity regulations and requirements; 2) effective tools they can use to assess their current level of compliance in preparation for DoD certification; and 3) access to reputable companies, institutions and other resources to help them bridge their assessment, compliance, workforce and technical gaps to cybersecurity compliance. 

CyberNC.us is managed by the North Carolina Military Business Center through the North Carolina Interagency Cybersecurity Coordinating Committee (I3C).
Support provided by Fayetteville Technical Community College and NC State University's Secure Computing Institute.

The NCMBC and the I3C are not representatives of the DoD or the CMMC Accreditation body. This website is meant to be a community resource for cybersecurity compliance information.

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